Next Steps

Improve your build

  • Consider using flake8 to lint-check your project.
  • Consider using tox to test your package against multiple python versions.

Host a private PyPi

pip is pretty flexible when it comes to finding python packages, it will even scrape HTML pages and look for <a> tags whose href="" attribute match the package name and archived in a supported format (e.g.: tar.gz, zip, etc)

You can configure the ~/.pypirc with several profiles and several different pypi servers.

Here are some open source pypi servers and related tools:

  • Warehouse - The official pypi server software that powers
  • Basket - A personal favorite, useful for creating a local pypi mirror of packages to be used when offline or working remote.
  • pypiserver - a minimal pypi server, no pretty UI.
  • devpi-server - devpi is a universal python module packaging, testing and release tool. It comes with the command devpi-server which runs a pypi server.
  • pure apache mod_rewrite

Explore other tools

Please give feedback

Create issues and/or pull-requests to this workshop at github:

  • Suggestions
  • Bug (or typo) fixes
  • Or whatever could be improved about the workshop, really.